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Vertragsmanager pharmazeutische Industrie

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Die Firma hatte 6 Monate gebraucht, um mir ein Abschlusszeugnis auszustellen. Von den fast 13 Jahren Tätigkeit im Unternehmen waren nur die Tätigkeiten der letzen 6 Mo. enthalten. Die Haupttätigkeit fehlte, worauf mir empfohlen wurde, selbst ein Zeugnis zu erstellen. Die Draft Version ist hier anbei. Vielen Dank für ihre Kommentare und Anmerkungen.


Ms Mel Muster, born on 1 Mai 19XX, German citizen, was employed by our company from 1 June 2004 to 31 January 2017.

From 1 June 2004 to 31 December 2010, Ms Muster worked as Business Manager in the Pharma Development Contracts and Outsourcing department.

As of January 2011, Ms Muster transferred as Business Analysis and Solutions Manager to the Biometrics department.

Ms Muster's main duties and responsibilities were as follows:

  • Contract management in various areas: Contract Research Organization (CRO), Independent Data Monitoring Committees (IDMC), Independent Data Coordination Centers (IDCC), Data Sharing Agreements (DSA), Donation and Sponsorship Agreements
  • Procurement: Accountable for creation, maintenance and closing of Puchase Orders (PO), ensuring adherence to mutual contracts.
  • Outsourcing: Vendor selection and relationship management, assessment of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), mainly, but not exclusively for IDCCs.
  • Line Management for an international team of “Biometrics Project Coordinators”: Alignment of global processes, facilitate working in different time zones and with various cultural aspects, onboard new team members, support individual career development.
  • Resource planning: Manage of full-time-equivalent (FTE) resourcing in partnership with internal functions to drive management's appropriate resourcing and budgeting decisions
  • Project management: Establish, implement and maintain a standard set of global processes, responsibilities, algorithms and systems. Oversee numerous (IDMC) projects and assure timely and financially approved delivery.
  • Compliance: Facilitate the implementation of new regulatory requirements (e.g. Sunshine Act) by collaboration and communication with internal (Quality Assurance (QA)) and external (Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)) stakeholders. Act as Biometrics champion in the field of “international Health Care Professional (iHCP)” business. Assist with compliance questions and in the delivery of Corrective and Adaptive Action Plans (CAPA)
  • Training: Contribute to the development and documentation of trainings. Provide system demonstrations and function specific training in partnership with the internal training group.

Ms Muster possesses excellent specialist knowledge and extensive professional experience in her area. She applied her expertise extremely effectively even when faced with highly challenging tasks. In the process, Ms Muster worked according to her won, carefully thought-out planning. Her rapid grasp of new concepts enabled her to acquaint herself with new subjects, content and correlation quickly and respond to them flexibly. We were very satisfied with the quality of Ms Muster's work. The quantitive results were very good. She was able to organize her tasks well and use tools purposefully. Ms Muster was able to set priorities appropriately and adhere to all deadlines. She completed her tasks in a consistently independent, systematic and careful manner. Ms Muster had a good analytical, conceptual and pragmatic mindset and judgement skills. She contributed suggestions for improvements to processes and procedures and implemented there within her filed of responsibility.

We appreciate Ms Muster as a very committed employee who was prepared to take additional tasks. She was open to changes and supported them. Ms Muster was very friendly, integrated well within the team and approached others in an open and obliging way. She made a contribution to team building. Her behavior towards line managers colleagues and customers was very courteous and facilitated very good cooperation at all levels. Ms Muster responded to customer needs and actively sought solutions. During negotiations, she demonstrated great skill and put forward clear arguments. Ms Muster was guided by the company values.

With her genious interest in people, Ms Muster demonstrated a natural talend for line mangement. As a previous team member, in her first line management role, she easily gained her direct reports fullest trust and was able to motivate them to individual success and a very satisfying contribution to theoverall organisation. The team very much appreciated her encouraging feedback culture and her convincing, positive and open personality.

Ms Muster left out company on 31 January 2017. We regret her departure, thank her for her valuable contribution and wish her every success in the future.

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